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Carole Baillargeon.

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Photo Johanne Cormier

Carole Baillargeon is known for her sculptures and installations; she speaks of humans, their vulnerability and impermanence, with a hybrid practice in visual arts, referring to scenography, trade arts and crafts.  

This multidisciplinarity is used to its fullest in Paysages-Vêtements (Clothing-Landscapes), a grandiose project realised between 2000 and 2015, and in the research for movement where theatre, dance, song and music were used with the help of co-designers and performers.

She has received numerous awards and grants, including the Prix du Rayonnement international in 2000, awarded by the Conseil des régions de Québec et Chaudières-Appalaches, and the Premier prix Ville de Québec de la Biennale Découverte in 1993 for her piece La main qui prend main,  permanently on display in the foyer of Palais Montcalm in Québec City.

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Studio, photo Michel Gauvin

Clairière Art Nature, photo Marie-Claude De Souza