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La Manucature, Roubaix, France, December 2nd to March 12th 2023 
The installation Hiver, paysages-vêtements echoes Carole Baillargeon's childhood memories and personal observations of snow and the winter season. Entitled Blizzard, Les grands froids, Randonnée en forêt, Givre, Tempête, Pris au piège, Neige sintllante, and others, the dyads of blankets and headgear are all evocations of Quebec winters drawn from the artist's personal experiences. Carole Baillargeon is inspired in her artistic approach, by the human condition and its capacity for resilience and to adapt in particular to the constraints of the environment and the particularities brought by the seasons.
Marie-France Bégis


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Les effets secondaires (Side Effects), 2008
Folie culture,

As part of the Folie Culture call for side-effect-themed projects, I put together an urban installation on 10 urban utility poles, mainly located on Rue Christophe-Colomb Est, in Quebec City.

My take on this theme bore a private reflection on the state of the workaholic (travailolique in French; Karoshi in Japanese). This addiction to work can be as strong as alcoholism, and in its extreme state, can lead to death by excessive workload.

The workaholic believes that everything would go a lot better if everyone worked as hard as he does. He wants to change the world! He delegates very little and thus develops an exclusive territoriality in his files and workspace.

This extreme interests me greatly, as I am also very hard working.  I work more-than-full-time and try to stay active as an artist. It was an opportunity for me to reflect upon my situation and that of many artists and on this societal phenomenon.

As a good workaholic, I extend my territoriality between my two occupations and my only wish is to improve the city's aesthetic, as it would be much prettier if every pole weredecorated. Well dressed, these urban sentinels would act as a rebuttal to the grey of our public service installations.


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