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    LE VIVOIR, Saint-Jean-Port-Joli

Galerie/boutique Le Vivoir presents my art works from Carnet d'explorations in natural dyes and inks and a selection from Études 2023
https://levivoir.com/carole-baillargeon, buy online or in-store.

    Atelier/Boutique Christisne Mercier

Discover a selection of the Études 2022 and 2023  at Christine Mercier's atelier boutique: https://www.christinemercier.ca/collections/bai-carole-baillargeon, buy online or in-store.


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Here and There

The migrants’ crisis, which has been capturing world news since 2015, has revived my interest in outline and border concepts. I am questioning the notions of geographic and corporal territory (natural, cultural, constructed), the notions of border, limit and identity. I used the motif of human shadow. Our shadow stretches a space that we do not really occupy but that signals our presence.

Photos : Denis Baribault

Watch the video of the installation in situ at the Museum of the Capuchin Convent, Guimarães, Portugal as part of the Contemporary Textile Art Biennial, Contextile 2018.

Déplacement, 2018-2019
Linen and other fabrics, metal and botanical prints, watercolour, sewing, embroidery
87 x 82 x 7 cm, framed.

Point de rupture, 2018-2019
Linen, natural dye, metal prints, watercolor, sewing, embroidery
56.6 x 67.7 x 7 cm, framed.

Rencontres, 2018-2019
Cotton, various fabrics, botanical prints, sewing, inverted appliqué, embroidery.

Ascension, 2018
Cotton,silk screen ink, embroidery
55.3 X 38,7 X 3 cm

Support for a residency and participation at the Contextile Biennial, Portugal

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