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When I create the Pages of the Notebook in Natural Dyes and Inks, some sheets of handmade paper are rejected because their composition is not optimal. My attitude of openness to the unforeseen in creation, combined with my eco-responsible approach, leads me to evaluate positively these rejects. The Rescued series stems from the reprieve I gave them.

Resized, these handmade papers are arranged in new configurations that are stabilized with collage, sewing or embroidery. As for a 1000-piece puzzle, it takes several tries to put the right piece in the right place and achieve balance and harmony.

Photo: Stéphane Bourgeois

Rescued 01, 2022
Handmade paper, collage, natural dyes: indigo, lake, quebracho, jack pine, pomegranate, cochineal, red pine, sumac, Norway spruce, aronia, hemlock, walnut, apple tree, horse chestnut, mushroom print, UV protective vanish

Rescued 01, 2022
Handmade paper, collage, thread, natural dyes: walnut, indigo, horse chestnut, madder, goldenrod, oak, tagetes, hemlock, sumac, rudbeckia, alder, white pine, red pine, jack pine, tansy, apple tree, tea, mushroom print, UV protective vanish

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