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Printemps, Paysages-Vêtements (Spring, Garment Landscapes)

This is a collaborative project. Over the course of its realisation, the elements of the installation were fed with wine corks collected by various people. This constant input would encourage me to continue on and on. The exhibit shows amalgamated wine corks in suspended elements, both from the ground and from the walls. Images from the performance are presented in a series of edited photos and by a video excerpt. 

Before taking on the form of an installation, a performance, bearing the title Drave et autres vivacités printanières (Stream driving and other springtime liveliness), was created in 2004.  Thanks to the complicit contribution of Lydia Wagerer with choreography, André Dubois with sound art, six interpreters and Québec Art Cité  coproduction.

As such, by means of a process calling upon various types of collaboration, this project took on a profoundly human character and emphasized the power of a collectivity and of the individuals composing it.

Carole Baillargeon thank the Canada Art Council, Maison des métiers de Québec for their financial or services support, hers collaborators : Jean-Robert Drouillard, Chantale Simard, Dominic Fontaine, Marie-Christine Frigault, Lili Bergeron and the many collectors who have made possible the project.

List of works (PDF)
Press File (PDF)
Performance Video (WMV) : https://vimeo.com/174138150

Photos : performance, Carole Baillargeon, exhibition, Denis Baribault, unless stated

Performance Drave et autres vivacités printanières, St-Roch Park, 2004

Performance Drave et autres vivacités printanières, St-Roch Park, 2004

Photo: Paul Litherland

Photo: Paul Litherland

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