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Pages from the Notebook of Explorations with Natural Dyes and Inks.

It is with the spontaneity of simple gestures: folding, knotting, dipping, immersing, making fluids dance on the surface of the paper, that I build the compositions appearing on the Pages from the Notebook. The colour palette I use comes from the bank of natural dyes and inks I have made; the colours unfold in a playful way on the surface of the handmade paper I have made, unique in its geography of relief and texture. The arrangements of the coloured fluids are determined according to the associations, by juxtaposition, superimposition and transparency, to reveal astonishing nuances, sometimes vivid, sometimes sober, which can be associated with the landscape presented in distant, frontal, macroscopic, sky or ground views.

My creations using natural dyes and inks in interaction with handmade paper are a commitment that I associate with neo-materialist philosophical thinking that emphasises traditional knowledge and advocates a new balance between human and matter. Fabricating my hand made paper, gathering and converting plants into dying material brings me closer to the landscape, the country, the relationship that humans have long had with the natural living world.

See also in the Gallery section of this site, Carole Baillargeon - Textile, Sculpture, scénographie - SITE OFFICIEL (carole-baillargeon.ca), other Pages and the Studies.

Photo: Stéphane Bourgeois

Page 37, 2021
Handmade paper, natural dyes: tagetes, sumac, hemlock, walnut, goldenrod, horse chestnut, alder, silk thread: hemlock and over-dyed with red pine

Page 55, 2022
Handmade paper, folding, natural dyes: goldenrod, lake, horse chestnut, cochineal, oak, Norway spruce, UV protective varnish

Page 38, 2021
Handmade paper, natural dyes: walnut, rudbeckia, goldenrod, horse chestnut, tagetes.

Page 60, 2022
Handmade paper, natural dyes: alder, sumac, Norway spruce, amaranth, pomegranate, oak, lake, Himalayan rhubarb, tagetes, UV protective varnish.

Page 46, 2022
Handmade paper, collage, natural dyes: white pine, citrus, acacia, cochineal, tagetes, pomegranate, walnut, UV protective varnish.

Page 47, 2022
Handmade paper, natural dyes: Himalayan rhubarb, madder, horse chestnut, acacia, quebracho, sumac, henna, cochineal, walnut, red pine, oak, pomegranate, natural inks: slate, campêche, UV protective varnish.

Page 49, 2022
Handmade paper, natural dyes: lake, goldenrod, horse chestnut, walnut, sumac, henna, tagetes, Himalayan rhubarb, oak, madder, quebracho, pomegranate, natural inks: campêche, indigo, fustique, cypress green, UV protective varnish.

Page 50, 2022
Handmade paper, natural dyes: cochineal, acacia, tagetes, walnut, Himalayan rhubarb, natural ink: dyer's reseda, UV protective varnish.

Page 51, 2022
Handmade paper, folding, natural dyes: oak, pomegranate, tagetes, white pine, lake, UV protective varnish.

Page 52, 2022
Handmade paper, folding, natural dyes: oak, tagetes, horse chestnut, goldenrod, Himalayan rhubarb, lake, UV protective varnish.

Impact of the natural dyes research and exploration grant

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