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Armures allégoriques (Allegorical Armours)

The Gulf War triggered the development of the high reliefs composing the Armures allégoriques exhibit. The burr of a tree was used as a mould to produce the substrate for plastic interventions. The wooden form invokes an injured torso. Responding to the need to provide protection, each of the torsos was worked using protection found in nature as part of my inspiration: camouflage, needles, shells, lures, etc. Another part of my inspiration were means of protection developed by civilisation: costumes and architecture, referring to both historical and contemporary times.

The majority of the sculptures were realised from handmade paper mouldings, while some of the elements were made from other materials, such as concrete or metal. The base supports a variety of artistic interventions; acrylic paint, photocopied images, collages, and assemblies of common objects serve as ornament these armours.

The repetition and linearity of the wall hangings bring to mind military troops in rank, with the exception that each armour's individuality is undeniable.  

Price of the armours: $500 each

Armures allégoriques is composed of about fifty hauts-reliefs. They are part of various institutional and private collections.

General view in large format
List of works(PDF)
Pess file (PDF)

Photos : Ivan Binet, Claire Morel, Carole Baillargeon

2 armors

3 armors

Drapée IV (MMAQ Collection)

Grillage (Papeterie St-Gilles Collection)

Cellulite, 500$

Hommage à Sonia Delaunay, 500$

Les épines à quoi servent-elles, 500$

Pelures, 500$

Vilain velu, 500$

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