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L'arbre est dans ses feuilles (The Tree Is In Its Leaves)

The L'arbre est dans ses feuilles project reclaims textile recycling principles with respect to matter and it's mnemonic charge. Hundreds of pairs of jeans constitute the matter for this piece. As an article of clothing, jeans were universal - a garment present in every wardrobe, without distinction to age or social standing. Collecting the jeans is done in the spirit of helping and of community; my friends and family contributed and provided the matter for my sculptures. I have been collecting them since 1995 and still cannot see an end to this project. It allows me to map some sort of genealogy of my encounters throughout the years, which is transposed to my sculptures and the accompanying drawings.

Only the structure of the garment is used for this project, and the fabric is kept for something different. In other words, only the seams, zippers, pockets and waistbands are used. The modified pairs of jeans are inserted one into another, with spacing variations creating rhythms and supple, spiraling movement.

The assembly of dozens of pairs of modified jeans create soft masses who, propped by furniture or tool fragments, take on attitudes suggesting human activity.

In reclaiming the traditions surrounding textiles and while calling on the sharing nature of my friends and family, this ongoing installation symbolizes the influence that treasured people have on building one's identify, and pays homage to mutual support and community spirit.

General view 2003

L' arbre est dans ses feuilles in  2016,  is composed of 7 sculptures made of  jeans seams, 1 photo presented in a light box, 1 drawing in 3 parts,  1 sketch.

General view in large format
List of works (PDF)
Press File (PDF)
Photos : Michel Gauvin, Denis Baribault, Carole Baillargeon

Element #1 , 3000$

Element #1, detail

Element # 1, detail

Element # 4 (3000$)

Element # 6, (6000$)

Element # 7, 950$

Element #5, 2000$

Drawing L'arbre est dans ses feuilles, 2000$

Drawing L'arbre est dans ses feuilles, detail

Sketch, 200$ framed

L’arbre aux manches, Light box, 1500$

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